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24 Nov

How-To Mexican Pantry Staples Part II

We would like to continue to display Mexico's rich culture through its cuisine. We truly enjoyed making this guide for anyone who wants to keep their pantry more fun and flavourful. That's why this time we bring you three more Mexican staples that can't be missing in your home. If you want to stock your fridge or your pantry with these all-natural must-have essentials, keep reading! 

1. Chillies

Chillies are our number one staple item for this list! The three most important chillies for authentic Mexican cooking are Guajillo, Morita and Chipotle. For example: Chile Chipotle adds a unique smoky flavour to any salsa, Morita Chile is great to make into bright-red sauces and Guajillo is perfect to blend up with tomatoes into yummy broths like for Tortilla Soup. If you don’t want to deal with the dried versions of the chillies you can look for the canned versions on these Latin supermarkets: 

2. Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips in a bowl with guacamole

Tortilla Chips can’t be missing in your pantry, they are exceptionally versatile and their crisp is addicting. You can easily transform them from a snack (with dip or salsa) to a complete meal like nachos or more traditional "chilaquiles". For your tortilla chip needs we recommend AlbaLisa Organic Tortilla Chips. You have different flavours to choose from depending on your taste. Also, you can trust you’re eating clean  because they’re made with Organic Certified Corn Flour, Non Gmo Sunflower Oil and Sea Salt, that's it!  

3. Mexican Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate Bars and Milk

A hot drink is really fitting now that the weather is getting colder and we think Mexican Chocolate is essential to have stocked up in your pantry for not only this cold season but year-round. Mexican Chocolate usually already contains sugar, and cinnamon, it may also contain other spices like nutmeg or allspice, as well as chilies for heat, and nuts for texture. Just add milk or water until it dissolves into a warm and comforting drink, you can even add a piece of chocolate to sauces like mole and you’ll be surprised by the complex taste! 

We hope that you found this guide useful and that you feel confident in incorporating more of Mexico’s diverse tastes into your pantry. 

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