About Us

AlbaLisa Gourmet Food Corp. is an Ontario based manufacturing company dedicated to producing All-Natural Mexican food staples for customers who demand their food contain fresh, organic, GMO free and preservative free ingredients. We proudly offer Ontario Made handcrafted Organic Corn and Wheat Flour Tortillas, artisanal Organic Tortilla chips made from our own fresh corn tortillas, and fresh salsas packaged in an innovative, mess-free style. AlbaLisa products can be found locally at over one hundred and fifty high-end, gourmet, specialty and health food stores across Ontario. 

AlbaLisa Gourmet Food was a member of the Toronto Food Business Incubator program in the city of Toronto and graduated as AlbaLisa All Natural Mexican Food the summer of 2013. AlbaLisa and her team are now operating as a wholesale-retail tortilla factory in Alliston, Ontario.

About Alba Lisa

Alba Lisa herself is a talented businesswoman with a real zest for life and culture. She has a zealous gift for bringing flavours alive in her food and enjoys not only hosting, but truly entertaining each of her guests. Alba Lisa acquired her excitement and passion for food from her father, who used to prepare a meal and then get great pleasure in watching his family take that first bite and asking, “can you taste this?” and “can you taste that?” Born and raised in Mexico, the art of authentic Mexican cooking was instilled in Alba Lisa at a very young age. Getting her first tortilla press was like getting that teddy bear you yearned for as a child – she took it with her everywhere!

Despite her interest in recipe development and catering, Alba Lisa took to teaching in Mexico early on in her career. She was an elementary school teacher with a focus on Spanish and music. Ironically, she would bring her tortilla press to class hosting Mexican themed parties right there in her classroom. Eventually, Alba Lisa decided to experience life a little further away from home, choosing to move to Canada. Alba Lisa set up home in Toronto where she decided to take some time away from teaching to relax, cook and entertain family and friends.

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