Chili Lime Tortilla Chips


Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips – made with certified organic corn flour

For the young professionals and adults who value artisanal and locally made food, produced with high-quality ingredients, AlbaLisa tortilla chips offer an authentic Mexican snack food. Unlike other chips in the market, AlbaLisa’s are fried in sunflower seed oil, handcrafted to a perfect crisp to dip, bake or enjoy by itself and are made from fresh corn tortillas because “only great tortillas make great chips”.

CHILI LIME TORTILLA CHIPS- made with certified organic corn flour

These tortilla chips are great to eat by themselves or can be used to bake fiery nachos. If you like spicy and sour, you will love these ones.

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Customer Reviews

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Tara Oliver

Chili Lime Tortilla Chips

Addicted but Conflicted

The Chili-Lime chips are simultaneously the greatest, yet most compromised bag of chips that we've ever eaten. The texture, the flavour, the freshness...everything about the chip is spectacular - with one glaring caveat; the bottom third of the bag is practically inedible. The seasoning on the bottom chips is 20x or more what it is on the top 2/3rds. I either have to hand-dust each chip in that bottom third, or throw them out. The seasoning is so powerful that even the most ardent spice lovers pucker up like they just ate a lemon. Is it that the chips get bagged too quickly after seasoning? Or not mixed in large enough quantities to spread that delicious spice around more? SOMETHING SIMPLY MUST BE DONE! We only give constructive feedback to those we care about, and we care deeply. Like three bags a week for over a year, deeply.

Emmett Verhoog

I must say, as a big corn chip fan, I am hard to impress.

Alba Lisa’s gourmet Chili Lime Tortilla Chips have created a chase for greatness that will never be satisfied. This is the penultimate corn tortilla chip, nay, the ULTIMATE TORTILLA CHIP. If I had a bag of these chips for every person I have recommended buy them, I’d have no space in my kitchen. That’s at least 200 people.

Anyway, thank you for ending my journey for the ultimate tortilla chip. I will never stray from the path these chips have sent me on. Please keep making them.

Alex De León
So hot!

These chips are my all time favorite! If you’re a fan of spicy flavours you definitely need to check these out. Combine them with guac (or with their Hot Jalapeño sauce for an extra kick)… it’s so easy to finish this bag in one sitting! ♥️🌶