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29 Jun

AlbaLisa 3 Cheese Hot Nachos


Oh, Canada!

It is time to celebrate...

 Because you like it hot...
Here it is a simple yet delicious recipe you will absolutely love. Prepare these Cheesy Nachos for your guests at the cottage or while enjoying a cold beer in your patio. I love using the grill to keep my kitchen mess free.
To make the nachos extra hot, I am using AlbaLisa chili-lime chips, but most importantly, I am loading them with our Hot Sauce and Jalapeño Cream.
One of the main ingredients in the hot sauce is "chile de árbol" also known as bird's beak which is a small and potent chili. 
The Scoville Scale is the instrument to measures the spiciness of the hot peppers. Jalapeños are known for their mild heat measuring between 2500-8000 units on the scale, while the chili de árbol heat index is of 15,000 to 30,000 units. 


1 bag AlbaLisa Chili-Lime chips

250g Yellow cheddar cheese-mild

250g  Premium fresh mozzarella

150g  Goat cheese feta

AlbaLisa hot sauce

AlbaLisa Jalapeño Cream

Green onions 

Preheat your BBQ on high on one side only.

Use a sheet pan roughly the size of half your BBQ grill.

Fill the pan with a mound of AlbaLisa Chili Lime Tortilla chips.

Grate your mozzarella and cheddar cheese then alternately sprinkle on the chips.

Crumble the goat feta, sprinkle on top and place on to the BBQ (on the side that is turned off).

Close lid.

When cheese has melted, plate, sprinkle on sliced green onion, load the with AlbaLisa Jalapeño Cream and Hot Sauce, and serve.
Have a great long and Hot weekend.

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