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31 Jul

Totopos or Tortilla Chips?

Do you want to make your own Totopos?

In Mexico, we called tortilla chips, totopos. They are best known as originating from Zapotec peoples of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Generally, corn tortillas are made of nixtamalized corn, vegetable oil, salt and water, but AlbaLisa Totopos are made using GMO-free sunflower oil, instead.

Do you know that totopos are vegan-friendly? They are served all across Mexico as an appetizer with salsas, lime, and guac. They are usually made with tortillas from the day before, but at AlbaLisa’s, we make our totopos from fresh organic corn tortillas.


 Try this quick and easy recipe.



AlbaLisa organic white corn tortillas

Sunflower oil

Sea salt

Step 1

Cut the AlbaLisa tortillas into 4

Step 2

Spread the cut tortillas out on a cutting board or baking sheet to dry out for 10 minutes.

 Step 3

Heat some oil in a skillet over medium. Cook the tortillas in small batches until they turn a light golden brown colour. Stay close to your skillet, they should only take about 60-90 seconds.

Transfer the totopos on paper towel, immediately sprinkle with salt, serve them with your favourite dip or squeeze some of our jalapeño sauces on it. Enjoy!



Happy Cooking.

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