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06 Nov

Sweet and Savory French Toast type Quesadilla

I came across a Vegan Maple-Pumpkin Quesadilla recipe from the HealthyHappyLife site by Kathy Patalsky, and I found it delectable. I decided to make my own version by turning into a Sweet and Savory French Toast- type Quesadilla. This is perfect for Sunday Brunch in a cold morning.

The unique combination of ingredients will make you fall in love with this quesadilla. You can use pureed pumpkin, but I prefer roasted pumpkin. (You can also use your favourite Squash or Sweet Potato). If you decided to go with boiled veggies, I suggest you slightly mash them and add some butter, even a little maple syrup.
Let’s go!
Ingredients- It makes 5 quesadillas

• 10 AlbaLisa organic par-baked flour tortillas (1 bag)
• 5 Slices of Gouda cheese (thin)  Tip: You can add some Gorgonzola Cheese for an intense flavour
• 1 cup pumpkin purée, unsweetened or 2 cups of roasted pumpkin in cubes or slices slightly mashed (Roast the veggies with Olive oil, a pinch of salt, a little of rosemary)
• Smoked bacon – 10 strips (2 per each quesadilla)
• Butter to fry your quesadilla


• Maple syrup as desired
• Cinnamon as desired 
• Blueberries or Cranberry Jam-optional

Fresh orange zest - optional


1. Warm up the pumpkin in your microwave. Put it aside in a bowl.
2. Cook your bacon until crispy, transfer to a paper towel. You can cook it on your stove top or if you want to go mess free try using the microwave!!! Check out David Chang’s method here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub3jmvzFmtE)
3. Assemble your quesadillas using AlbaLisa par baked flour tortillas, no need to cook them fully at this stage. First spread pumpkin on one tortilla. Then add the cheese and top with bacon on the second tortilla, put the tortillas together.
4. Warm a skillet over medium high heat. Add butter (don’t let it burn) and immediately put the par-baked quesadilla on the pan. Turn heat to low and fry both sides until golden brown and cheese melts.
5. Remove quesadilla from pan. Slice into small triangles, cut in half or just leave it round. Pour on Maple syrup. Sprinkle cinnamon as desired, add blueberries


6. Serve warm and enjoy


(Picture by Kathy Patalsky)

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